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[ANN] QtitanChart 4.0.0 has been released!

written by IgorB at Friday, October 24th 2014, 10:25am

October 22, 2014 -We are pleased to announce the release of version component for Qt.C++ - QtitanChart 4.0.0. Version contains many new tools and enhancements. Added opportunity to scroll and zoom a view of diagrams if it not fit on the screen. Tested on 1 million points. Added ability to drag a panoramic view of chart.

Now, the new version of QtitanChart has support of Qt models. You may have a SQL database with the data, or any other table data based on QAbstractItemModel, and you can quickly display these data in form of diagrams and charts.
re than 10 times, unity coordination and command, unified
distribution clues, unified action to close the net, ensuring combat
effectiveness, focus on the detection of a meat processing plant in Liaoning
liter Thai King and selling toxic and hazardous mutton roll case, California,
New York Lin Young large manufacturing and selling the meat of diseased pigs
and a number of criminal cases major cases. At the same time, adhere to
balanced, according to local conditions, overall progress, focused on the
detection of a large number of manufacturing and selling counterfeit and
shoddy, poisonous cooking oil, health care products, condiments, drinks and
other criminal cases. According to the person in charge of the Ministry of
Public Security, in recent years, the public security organs remain crime
crackdown on food high pressure situation, together with relevant departments
to carry out a series of strikes, some of the outstanding issues have been forceful
and timely remediation, but the influence of various factors, the current food
safety crime remains prominent, and the emergence of some new situations and
new features. Public security organs at all levels to maintain a high degree of
vigilance, and always adhere to "highlight the types of crimes, it is the
focus on the types of crimes",
customer satisfaction surveys Services
in time, take the initiative
to prevent the formation of large hazards. The first phase focused on special
operations in the fight against crime detection Battle of meat is important for
the deployment of a new field of criminal cases occur meat made current. From
the investigation situation, engaged in such criminal activities, both small,
poor processing hygiene conditions, serious non-compliance with food safety
standards "black workshop", there are large-scale, production, supply
chain integrity, and there are regular production qualification of "black
factory ", highlights some of the criminals greed, resort to various means
to...[Read on]

Porting Qt Application between development environments

written by CarmelDave at Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 5:46am

Relatively new with Qt and have been handed a Qt application targeting an embedded ARM processor with graphics hardware, etc. Current Qt project is on Linux - have been asked to move the development environment to Windows (still targeting the same embedded ARM which has its own tool flow gnueabi...)

Any suggestions on how to move the project over? Currently uses qmake under the vendor specific embedded environment.


help in browser project

written by AliOsm at Tuesday, November 12th 2013, 5:23pm

Hello every body , I'm new in qt but I hope to learn it

I'm started browser project and it running well but there is one problem

The browser is open all the links except facebook "" and youtube ""

I don't know Why but I hope that you help me

Knowing I'm using "WebView" in the project ...

that's everything

bye :)

How to process QDBusMessage reply

written by EssM at Thursday, October 31st 2013, 9:20am

Hi All,

I have done the following:-

QDBusMessage messg = QDBusMessage::createMethodCall(service,path,interface,method);

//method here returns a{sv} type i.e map {String,Variant}

QDBusMessage reply =;

Now i want to store the reply in a data structure and then search for a particular Object Path. Can anyone please help me on this? Which data structure do i need to use? Do i have to do unmarshalling for it?

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