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Characters vertically getting clipped

written by mkarthik2489 at Monday, October 5th 2015, 8:47am

Hi i am newbie to QT and i working on a issue where characters of the text component are getting clipped
please check the attached file where the issue is, as you can see in the attachment that characters 'h','i','c' are getting clipped

Can anyone help me why the characters are getting clipped

Browsing search text upwards and downwards

written by YatShan at Friday, October 2nd 2015, 5:30am

I have written following code to find occurrences of a given text in whole text document. Following code will highlight all such occurrences. But when I click search down / search up buttons it doesn't move cursor to next occurrence. Can anyone please help to achieve this task.
bool bDown parameter is intended to be used to indicate whether to move cursor up/down. But Still I am clueless of how to use this parameter.

Source code

QsciScintilla *m_pTextEdit;
void searchText( const QString& sText, bool bDown){		QString data = m_pTextEdit->text();		m_pTextEdit->SendScintilla(QsciScintilla::SCI_INDICATORCLEARRANGE, 0, data.length());
	if (sText.isEmpty())	{		return;	}
	int index = data.indexOf(sText, 0,  Qt::CaseInsensitive);		while (index >= 0) { 		 int length = sText.length();			 m_pTextEdit->SendScintilla(QsciScintilla::SCI_INDICSETSTYLE,0 ,QsciScintilla::INDIC_ROUNDBOX);			 m_pTextEdit->SendScintilla(QsciScintilla::SCI_INDICSETFORE, 0x007f00);			 m_pTextEdit->SendScintilla(QsciScintilla::SCI_INDICATORFILLRANGE, index, length);			 index = data.indexOf(sText, index + length, Qt::CaseInsensitive);	     }}

Thanks in advance :)

QtitanRibbon 4.0.0 has been released!

written by IgorB at Monday, September 28th 2015, 1:03pm

We are pleased to announce the release of version QtitanRibbon 4.0.0. Version contains the following capabilities:
•New layout engine what introduces a sizeDefinition structure to describe ribbon control behavior in the ribbon group with four states - Large, Medium, Small, Popup.
•CustomizeManager to customize actions on the ribbonbar and quick access toolbar with ability to save current state of the actions, ribbon pages, ribbon groups.
•CustomizeDialog to edit ribbon ui from the end-user side.
•Bug fixes for the latest version.
•Many other improvements and code optimization.

[ANN] QtitanDataGrid 4.0.2 has been released!

written by IgorB at Monday, September 28th 2015, 1:02pm

Colleagues, we are pleased to announce the release of version QtitanDataGrid 4.0.2. Version fixes some crashes from the latest version. In addition adds the ability to disable the field chooser button on the groups panel and adds scrollbar to the field chooser panel. Please note, scrollbar appears automatically if the columns inside can not fit on the panel.

Best product of BOdy building

written by linissha at Tuesday, January 13th 2015, 11:03am

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