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Saturday, July 9th 2011, 3:53pm

Author: ernestus

Qt serial

You are helping me very little. For sure this is not a Qt Embedded question, your are running Qt in a PC probably, but you don't say if it is under Linux or Windows, Mac or whatever. So here go my generic guesses: Are you using the latest code from ??Can you access the device using a terminal (v.g. realterm, minicom, putty ...)Are the serial parameters the same at both ends?If it is a USB<-->serial cable, Is the correct driver installed? Have you checked ...

Saturday, July 9th 2011, 3:27pm

Author: ernestus

Vtk in Qt creator

Looks to me either: --$VTK5_LIB_DIR points to the wrong path (a library version change?), double check where the library is installed, maybe the library is not correctly installed --You don't have permission to access that library, just fix them. --Another program is interfering (an antivirus false positive?) Cheers

Saturday, July 9th 2011, 3:21pm

Author: ernestus

How run a Qt program on Qtopia (ARM board, Mini2440)

I think the screen rotation driver is not present. Can you check gfx-transformed is enabled in your configuration? Have a look at this link:…management.html Cheers

Saturday, July 9th 2011, 3:13pm

Author: ernestus

Is QT available for PIC microcontrollers?

Nope if you are talking about the small PIC devices (maybe there is a port to PIC32), Qt is a library that needs RAM in the Megabytes, it wont fit there even if you use a hammer . I think you are really asking for something similar to MPLab, just google for it. Cheers

Saturday, July 9th 2011, 3:05pm

Author: ernestus

Printing in Qt

(My 1st post, just registered now) I don't understand your question very well, but there is a bit in the Qt documentation about that: Near the end of the page there are to paragraphs that might be of your interest (with code examples): "Printing Widgets", and "Printing from Complex Widgets". Cheers