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Tuesday, July 11th 2017, 7:13am

Author: sharmasudhir

unresolved external symbol in VC++ 2008 while using Qt 4.6.2

Have you found solution to this issue. Even I am seeing same errors while I have following libs included, qtmain.lib Qt5Core.lib Qt5Gui.lib Qt5Multimedia.lib Qt5MultimediaWidgets.lib Qt5Qml.lib Qt5AxContainer.lib Qt5AxBase.lib Qt5Concurrent.lib Qt5QuickWidgets.lib Qt5WebChannel.lib Qt5Widgets.lib Qt5XmlPatterns.lib Qt5Network.lib Qt5Quick.lib Qt5UiTools.lib Qt5PrintSupport.lib Qt5WebSockets.lib Qt5WebEngineWidgets.lib

Wednesday, July 5th 2017, 12:29pm

Author: sharmasudhir

Network Settings to bypass proxy for local addresses

Hi, I am using QWebEnginePage and QWebEngineView to invoke HTML url from a server in local network. The HTML in turn requires to load content from internet and hence needs proxy. The issue which I am facing is that I before invoking web url if I enable proxy by following code I am not able to access server. and it I disable proxy then I cannot load internet content in page. Same thing works fine from internet browser with setting to ignore local addresses. Not able to find way to do same in QT. ...