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Wednesday, January 3rd 2018, 6:09pm

Code Generated By UI Designer Doesn't Run


I'm new to PyQT so I'm just learning ropes. I've used the QT Designer to generate a very simple UI with two labels, two plain text entries, and two push buttons. After using the *.ui file to generate python code, it doesn't run and returns and error that one of the parameters generated by QT Designer isn't valid for that object. I've attached a ZIP that contains the following:

1) Screenshot of the IDLE error (also shows Python Version).
2) The *.bat file used to generate the python code.
3) The *.ui file.
4) The *.py file generated by QT Designer. (**This file has not been edited by me in any way).

Any help is appreciated!
ArkLorkan has attached the following file: