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Thursday, February 11th 2016, 2:27pm

I can't add QtMultimedia features on y Qt project!

I am trying to compile a Qt5 project that should play a video, and I
found the Multimedia widget could be used for it. The problem is that
when I add the line:

Source code

QT +=    multimedia

on my .pro file, it gives me the following build error:

Source code

:-1: error: Unknown module(s) in QT: multimedia 

The qtmultimedia5-dev packet seems to be installed (looking in Ubuntu software centre), but the error in Qt remains! Any idea about the solution for that? I'm quite new to Qt and C++... Is there something I am missing?

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Friday, February 12th 2016, 10:23am

Try this and let me know whether it works or not.
Install this package
sudo apt-get install qtmultimedia5-dev libqt5multimediawidgets5 libqt5multimedia5-plugins libqt5multimedia5
and restart your Qt Creator

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