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Tuesday, April 10th 2012, 6:13am

how to link my widget to prograam

Hi there,

I am new to GUI and Qt. So, I thought to stick with Qt Designer to write some small UI's for my programs (which I write in python).

I could manage to arrange widgets over canvas but don't know how to connect them to my program and run. So, could anyone help me on it?

I have attached as a zip file containing (myApp.ui) file so that you can help me specifically.

My app details:

It contains 2 lineEdit widgets, 1 Push button, 1 textBrowser.

This app should take two strings from the two lineEdit widgets process those in my program and show the output of the textBrowser.

So, how would I do that?

Source code

I usually take those two strings on command line like this:
name1 = raw_input()name2 = raw_input()

The whole function that manipulates the above two strings (which takes input names as parameters) is below

Source code

theOutputStr(name1, name2)
It returns a string.

How should possibly do this?
suryak has attached the following file: